As a ministry, and as a network of believers, we focus on the fundamentals of our faith without separating based on controversial theological topics. We believe that Jesus calls us to unity within the church, focusing upon reaching those who do not know Christ as both their Savior and King.

We use the Lausanne Covenant to describe the foundations of our faith and we define the unity of our faith based on that document. Furthermore, we call upon each person who is a part of the our believing network to covenant together with us to remain united with the church, even if there are differences in belief or practice that fall outside of the declarations made in the Covenant statement of our faith.

Please go and read the Lausanne Covenant. There is also a video that is available that provides additional explanation of the covenant. You can watch that here:

If you have questions or would like to discuss a point that is either included or not included in the Covenant, please contact us! We will be happy to meet together with you to discuss our beliefs together.

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